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Commercial Doors in Vancouver WA

When people decide to come to your business, you want your doorway to welcome them. Doors that are difficult or confusing to open can upset a customer before they've even set foot inside. You shouldn't have to spend your efforts recovering a sour mood that can easily be avoided. Instead, let Cascade Entry Solutions help. We can optimize your commercial doors in Vancouver WA to help your customers start out on the right foot. 


No problem. With over 25 years of automatic pedestrian door experience, we've come across every kind of door there is, and are ready to repair or install them all. Are you required to have an emergency exit and need a panic bar connected to an alarm system? We can do that. Need an unusual sized door systems for a business such as a healthcare facility? We'll make sure everything works properly and meets or exceeds your expectations. No matter what kind of door your commercial or professional office building needs, we can make it happen.

What if I need a special door type? 

What commercial door services do you do?

Whatever kind of service you need for your commercial doors, we can do it. Are you considering installing an keypad system with electronic locks for increased security? We're here to help. We specialize in electrified door hardware and make sure it's done right. But we do much more than just installations. Have an automatic door that started acting up? Even if we didn't put it in, we can repair it. We provide the best automatic door repair service in the Vancouver WA area, and we're available for emergency repairs any time, day or night. That's because we know that some businesses can't be without a properly functioning door, even for a single day. 


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You won't find a commercial door company with our level of service and quality anywhere around!

Serving Oregon & SW Washington
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