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Need assistance with ADA Doors in Vancouver WA?

Certain business establishments have to comply with all of the standards and requirements listed in The Americans with Disabilities Act. Many areas of your business must adhere to these requirements, including doors. As one of the leaders in installation and repair for ADA doors in the Pacific Northwest, Cascade Entry Solutions will make sure everything is up to code. From planning to installation to maintenance, when you need a solution for ADA doors, we'll find it for you!


Most people don't know everything that goes into the ADA code. Many variables have to be considered when installing an ADA door and it's best to plan for these things ahead of time if possible to avoid costly renovations. Things such as the amount of maneuvering space, door closing speed, clear width, and much more are all tightly regulated. Since we work directly with many ADA door manufacturers, you won't have to worry about one of our doors failing to meet these requirements.  

We'll make sure the ADA code is followed

Hands Free/ NO TOUCH Operation

Part of a door being accessible is ease-of-opening. There are many ways to accomplish this. An automatic door can make use of a sensor that recognizes when a person is trying to enter and open on its own. But in high-traffic areas with many doors such as schools, these are impractical. A common solution to this issue is to install ADA door operators. These are often clearly visible buttons that activate the auto-opening mechanism of a door when pressed. Every one of our ADA door operators are custom-made for your building and include finding the ideal placement, installing the wiring, and performing thorough testing. 




Have door problems? Let us stop by for repairs and maintenance 

We take pride in our ADA door installations and make sure that everything is working correctly before we leave. But sometimes, even the best doors can start to develop quirks over time. And if this happens on an ADA door, it can completely cut off access to people who depend on it work properly. If this ever occurs, simply call us up for help. We'll be by soon after your call and can quickly diagnose and repair the problem for you. So when you need any kind of assistance with ADA doors in Vancouver WA, call or contact us for service and skill you can depend on. 

Serving Oregon & SW Washington
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